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alien(s) invading
Layla. Twenty. Ohio.
I like to sing, play guitar, paint, and write.
& I tend to whine a lot.
Let's be fraaaaaans
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I just want to meet a cute boy that shares my passion for vinyl records & indie pop shows, and that will cuddle with me as we binge watch Netflix & eat Asian food.


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The Magic Man tag is a very dangerous place for me to be, because I could literally spend forever in it. I want to reblog everything in it, but I need to have some self control & not flood everyones dash. I also really need to go to sleep because I have to wake up super early & go to work & make giant batches of guacamole in a short amount of time :( 

Oh man. The problems of being a Magic Man fan and a Chipotle employee with insomnia. 

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Because I shouldn’t have to deal with getting grabbed inappropriately at a festival.

Because one day in high school, on a very hot day, I happened to be wearing a dress that showed a little cleavage. A secretary told me to put a jacket on (in this 80 degree building) because “you don’t want the boys to get the wrong idea about you, dear.”

Because I shouldn’t feel afraid to walk down the street to my favorite record store.

Because my friend & I sitting on a curb waiting for our ride is not an invitation for you to tell us that we look like cute homeless girls that should be holding signs that say “Will give blowjobs for beer”. Fuck off.

Because contrary to your belief, male stranger, I did NOT ask for you to shout your opinion of my physical appearance at me as you drove by me or passed me on the street.

Because walking into a bar squeezing past you is not an invitation for you to touch the small of my back and whisper something creepy in my ear.

Because I don’t want to hear you talk about how you want to have sex with me.

Because I shouldn’t have to borrow my friends pepper spray when waiting for a cab.

Because dancing with my friends is not an invitation for you to come up behind me and grind on me.

Because telling you “no, I’m not giving you my number. Please leave me alone.” Should be plenty enough of a hint to make you go away.

Because I shouldn’t be afraid to stick up for myself in public more often, due to the possibility that I could easily be overpowered by a stronger man.

Because the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend is not an invitation for you to act like a vulgar pig towards me.

Because I shouldn’t have to deal with a random creep at a party calling me baby and sweetie, trying to touch me, then getting offended when I reject his advances.

Because my friends shouldn’t have to worry about strange men catcalling at them on the street and getting followed for three blocks.

Because a girl shouldn’t be called a bitch for not taking your street harassment as a compliment.

I am so beyond done with this fucking bullshit. Pardon my language, but my god. All women are human beings. They have lives, families, friends, jobs, they go to school, etc. It’s way past time to stop treating them like sexual objects. If you have ever cat called at a girl, think about how you would feel if someone was doing that to your sister or your mother (which, statistically, it’s most likely happened). And if one of your buddies is guilty of this, stop them. Women shouldn’t have to be afraid to walk down the street by themselves because of the possibility of getting raped or even killed.

Next time you happen to see a lady that you think is attractive in public, be a gentleman about it. Not a sexually objectifying pig.

Thank you.

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So I took a nap & I had a dream that this thing happened that reaaaaally fuckin upset me and I was so sad and frustrated (because I didn’t want to tell everyone why I was sad, but it was eating away at me at the same time) that I got super drunk & threw a perfectly good pizza that I had apparently ordered, across someone’s lawn. Then my friends were like “Layla do you want to talk about what’s bothering you?” And I was like “noooo I fuckin doooont” and continued to drunkenly throw pizza into the grass, all while hating myself. It was a terrible and odd nightmare.

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I’m in love with Sayid from Lost.

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Today is my 21st birthday :o :3

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I just had a dream that I was in high school again and we were on a field trip and everyone was like ‘omg layla your pants’ and I was like ‘yaaaah I look good 😎’ and then one of my friends was like ‘no for real… your pants’ and so I looked down and I had somehow managed to put my jeans on inside out. wow

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yoooo for real send me your names & I’ll make you a mini playlist with songs that start with each letter in your name

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I just had a dream that I was dating this guy, and then for some reason I wanted to be a stripper??? And he was like really upset about it.
wtf brain?????

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Like seriously
Verbal abuse at home
Sexual harassment outside of my house….
I just want to run away to be honest
Fuck this shit

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The amount of sexual objectification I’ve been put through these past few days has been making me feel physically ill.
There’s this foreign guy at my work who is constantly telling me and everyone around that he’s in love with me. He touches me all the time, and I always tell him to stop. He tells people he’s going to marry me. He doesn’t know a god damn thing about me except that I like to sing, and that I work where he works. He tells me that I’m hot. It feels like he really only views me as a sex object. Last night when my coworkers and I went out, he came up to me and literally said “I wanna fuck you, I’m so horny right now” and he kept touching me and I had to keep pushing him off and telling him that he was making me feel uncomfortable. that fucking crossed the line. I seriously cannot stand one more sexual comment or touch from him. I thought he was my friend before but friends don’t make advances on you after you’ve told them to stop because you’re uncomfortable.
I told my friend//one of the managers and he said he’s going to have a talk with him, and that it was unacceptable. I hope it does stop soon because I can’t work in that environment and if something isn’t done about this situation, I’m going to have to quit. I know that he’s from another country and male dominance is probably strongly emphasized and maybe even encouraged over there…. But that does not make this okay at all. And the comment he made last night shouldn’t be acceptable anywhere. I couldn’t sleep last night because I felt like I was going to puke from how upset I was. I wanted to take a bath at 3 in the morning to make myself feel better and to soak off the situation…idk make myself feel less dirty. But I couldn’t because everyone was sleeping in my house. So I fell asleep totally on edge. I haven’t eaten anything today yet because I still feel sick.

Aside from this situation, the other night my friend and I went to this concert, and the headlining band ended up having to cancel after all the openers played. Because of this, everyone was bummed out and a lot of the crowd was like ‘fuck it…let’s get blackout drunk’. So there was this free dance party next door to the concert venue. My friend went over there, and this guy tried to touch both of us as we walked by him (on our backs, but still he was looking at us like sexual objects and it was disgusting and I didn’t want to be touched). After a few minutes my friend and I decided to call for our ride and leave because the music they were playing was some shitty house remixes. So we went outside and were sitting on the ground in this corner of the bar patio. I joked about how we probably looked homeless. Then this guy comes out and at first he seemed nice and friendly. He was like “are you two okay? Do you need some pizza? A beer? Some money? Haha you guys kind of look homeless” and my friend tried to be like “oh that’s funny we were just talking about how we probably look homeless.” But then he went on to say ” hahaha you should have signs that say ‘will give blowjobs for beer’ ” and that’s when we were like…… -.- are you fucking serious. I absolutely HATE it how sexual objectification increases dramatically when people are drinking. It’s fucked up that this is happening in society.

So done.

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Ugh so I went record shopping again last night (and not to toot my own horn but I looked pretty fuckin cute lol) & the cute guy working there was like complimenting my music taste and he asked me if I got a new record player. I was like “well I’ve had one for a while but lately I’ve been going kinda crazy with my purchases.” and he was like “you’ve got the vinyl fever” & I was like “guilty. I spent too much money in here last week” then I started geekin inside cause I was like shiiiit this guy is adorable. And he asked me what I bought last week and I just froze up & forgot what I bought for a second. But yeah when I told him he kept complimenting my taste in music. Definitely gotta go back again… And not be a total dork

Ps, last night I bought:
- Devendra Banhart; Mala
- Arctic Monkeys; AM
- The Naked and Famous; Passive Me Aggressive You
- Patrick Stump 7”
- Red Hot a Chili a Peppers 7”
- Young the Giant 7”


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Slowly but surely

My newfound vinyl addiction is getting out of hand. In the past couple weeks I’ve managed to accumulate these records:
-Animal Collective; Honeycomb 7”
-Wild Nothing; Shadow 7”
-Bibio; A Teut A L’heure 7”
-Saintseneca 7”
-Beach House; Bloom
-Cayucas; Bigfoot
-The xx; Coexist
-Washed Out; Paracosm
-Two Door Cinema Club; Tourist History
-Phoenix; Bankrupt!
-Los Campesinos!; No Blues
-St. Lucia; When the Night
-Devendra Banhart; Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon
-Frankie Rose; Herein Wild EP

Gaaaaaah I can’t stop

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So there’s this customer that always comes into Chipotle. He’s always wearing scrubs. He’s like a doctor or a nurse or something. & I have his order memorized. Burrito Bol with just white rice, chicken, and lettuce. Cup for water; hold the receipt. (I swear I sort of have a life) He looks like Dennis from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. he’s probably 27ish and he’s superrrrrr cute. I’m diggin on him a lot. This older Spanish woman at my work that I joke around with a lot teases me whenever he comes in. I’m pretty sure he knows I think he’s attractive. His friend that comes in with him like 75% of the time also seems to know. They tend to talk then look over at me and smile. but gaaaah on valentines day he told me happy valentines day and the other day he waved at me when he was leaving & ugh I just turn into a pile of mush whenever I see him. I get so nervous when I talk to him cause he flashes the cutest smiles at me & I can’t handle it. he’s a regular customer though (like more than 3 times a week) so I feel like I should maybe leave it alone to steer clear of anything awkward. But then again I’m already awkward about this situation anyway. Ughhh.

I wanna be on him doe

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My day consisted of Crate digging & petting cats.
New records I got in the past two days:
- Frankie Rose, Herein Wild
- The xx, Coexist
- Saintseneca 7”
- Beach House, Bloom
- War Paint, The Fool
- Washed Out, Paracosm
- Two Door Cinema Club, Tourist History &
- Cayucas, Bigfoot

It was also a lot warmer out. The majority of the snow melted outside aaand I ate a banana split. 👌

Good ass day

~ ~ ~