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Layla. Twenty. Ohio.
I like to sing, play guitar, paint, and write.
& I tend to whine a lot.
Let's be fraaaaaans
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So I smoked with a gypsy earlier…. Pretty crazy shit.

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God damnit.

I really don’t want to work tonight. It’s a short shift but I have a sore throat and I don’t have a thermometer in my house but it’s definitely felt like I’ve been running a fever. We’re still understaffed right now and we’re not allowed to just call off work. We’re always supposed to have a person to cover our shift no matter what. :/ kinda fucked

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Haven’t posted a picture of myself on here in quite a while. Red lipstick & duck face game on.

So since I was sick today and I promised this coworker of mine that I’d make him a mix cd in return for one made by him, I decided to finally put the track order together. Here is the track list:

1) Texas by Magic Man
2) End of the World by Hunter Hunted
3) Luv, Hold Me Down by Drowners
4) For Flotsam by Los Campesinos!
5) Dreaming by Smallpools
6) Quesadilla by WALK THE MOON (Thought that was funny since he wanted to hear some more WTM, and we both work at Chipotle… So quesadillas are relevant.)
7) Wait Up (Boots of Danger) by Tokyo Police Club
8) Wild by Royal Teeth
9) Shark Attack by Grouplove (I know he likes Grouplove, and this song. So it was a safe bet.)
10) You For Me by Frankie Rose
11) Rill Rill by Sleigh Bells
12) Synesthesia by Andrew McMahon
13) Window by The Album Leaf — This track is instrumental but I thought it was a really pretty ending track.

I’d like to thank Songza, Pandora, YouTube, Tumblr, and my friends for introducing me to all this rad music at some point in time.

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I’m sick and I just really want a cute boy to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and drink tea and eat ice cream with me

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I want to cuddle with you while watching your favorite movie.
I want to dance with you while we listen to your favorite band.
I want to play with your hair for hours.
I want to kiss the hollows of your cheeks, and then your lips repeatedly.
You’re absolutely freaking adorable and I want you so god damn bad.

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I literally slept ALL day since I was hungover, and now I feel even worse. :/
Time for some more h2o.

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Ripped my tights. Broke my necklace. Broke my headband. Lost my perfume. Lost two hair clips. Bought some French fries, but only ate two. Came home, fell asleep in bed. Woke up and realized a box of chocolates I got on Christmas had exploded open on my bed, and I slept on some, causing the chocolate to melt on my leg.

Okay. Hey, 2014…
I fuckin drank wayyyy too much last night. -.-

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I can’t stop thinking about that cute customer from last night.
I hope he comes in again.

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So I was working on the line tonight at chipotle and this super cute guy walks in. He was wearing this really cool shirt that looked like an indie band shirt and his hair was blonde and it was styled nice but like not over the top or anything. And he was wearing thick framed glasses that looked almost exactly like mine.
So anyway I tell him I like his shirt and he smiled all big and thanked me and kept looking me in the eyes and I got all bashful lol.
I got his tortilla, rice, beans and meat then I passed the burrito to my friend who was on the salsa station. But as he was getting more stuff on his burrito he kept looking over at me with this big smile and I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye and I was like ahhh cute guy looking at me.
Then he finally says to me “….if it makes a difference, I like your shirt too.”
And I laughed cause the back of my shirt said “keep it real”
And then we were talking about shirts for a minute, then he paid for his burrito and left.
But like, gah. He was so beautiful.

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This is honestly my nightmare.
I remember reading shit about this happening to other people before and me thinking “damn…. that is awkward. I’m glad I’m not in that situation. If that were to ever happen to me, I would wanna flee the country.”
and now…..
Here I am.

Still accepting advice cause I’m still freaaaking out.

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somebody please punch me in the face

I was catching up with a friend tonight and I wanted to show her a picture of this guy I liked so I pulled up his Facebook on my phone, then she asked if she could see my phone and she started ‘liking’ his profile pictures (exploding nerves) and as soon as I saw what she did, I instinctually grabbed my phone back and unliked them but what’s done is done. The notifications were sent to him. And I have to see him on Monday….. what the fuck do I do fuuuuuck. Advice please & thanks

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I’m in another mix cd making mood today and I have the day off.
Feelin pretty creative.
let’s see where this goes.

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What am I thankful for?

My loving family, even if it is pretty separated. I’m especially thankful this year for my niece and nephew. It’s amazing to watch them grow up and discover the world right in front of my eyes. My wonderful friends who have gotten me through so much more than they could ever understand. They are everything to me. My Chipotle family; a community of people that always brightens my day. I’m so glad that I work there. I’m thankful for financial aid for giving me the opportunity to further my education and better myself. I’m thankful for music in general, because without it, I don’t know if I’d even be here today. Music means the world to me. Music is my heart. My favorite singer, Teddy Geiger, that I’ve fangirled over for the past eight years. His music has done so much for me. He is the person who inspired me to write my own music. It’s crazy how therapeutic his music has been for me. Especially his song “Sunshine Fires”. I’m not ashamed to admit that I have listened to that song on repeat, while I laid in bed and cried my eyes out, because I felt amazing afterwards. I’m also really thankful for the opportunity I had to meet him for the fourth time last May. We literally sat on a couch together and talked about music and he gave me advice on how to get out of my comfort zone and share my music with the world. That experience was unreal to me, and I’m so glad that I had it. And finally, I am thankful for the Thanksgiving Episodes of That ’70s Show.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I don’t want to go to work.
Pretty sure I’m on the salsa station tonight which means I have to roll burritos. Burrito rolling can be pretty stressful, man. Especially when people decide to ask for a huge mountain of stuff to go in it, without getting it double wrapped. Do you think I’m a burrito wizard or something? jeeezzzuz

I’m fuckin tired. I just wanna stay in bed and watch Home Alone 1&2 and drink hot chocolate.


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